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Whirlpool Appliance Repair El Sobrante

Your refrigerator is a cornerstone of your kitchen and probably your most used appliance. There are a few things you can do to maintain your refrigerator to keep it running for a long time and a few things to do when a problem arises.

Twice a year you need to clean and inspect the door seals. Close the door with a dollar bill that is placed in-between and then try to pull it out. If it comes out easily, have the seals checked by a professional. Also twice a year, pull the refrigerator out from the wall and clean off the coils with a brush attachment on your vacuum. Some refrigerators have the coils located behind a grille on the bottom front.

When you first purchase an appliance, you should read through the owner's manual. It contains valuable information and tips on troubleshooting when a problem arises and maintenance of the appliance. If you notice a pool of water under the refrigerator, it may be a leak in the water supply line for the ice maker. Turn off the shutoff valve which is usually under the sink. If there is a pool of water inside the refrigerator, the drain plug is probably blocked. To fix this, use a turkey baster to force a solution of bleach and warm water, 50 percent each, through the drain plug. Then empty and clean the drain pan that is under the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is not cooling properly, check to see if there is frost on the back of the freezer compartment. If so, you have a defrost problem and the evaporator coil may not be working properly. If you hear a buzzing noise, that could be the evaporator fan not working properly or an electrical issue.

Why Choose

Even with proper maintenance and troubleshooting, you will occasionally need to call an experienced company for whirlpool appliance repair. Some people have skills and like to do repairs themselves. This may be OK for simple repairs but when it comes to a major appliance in your home which you rely on, you want the job done right. Also, with a professional doing the work, there will be a guarantee that comes with it.