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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair El Sobrante

Beginning in 1945, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company began selling their products to consumers. Founded by Westye Bakke from Madison, Wisconsin, the company is located in California. Specializing in domestic freezers and cooking appliances, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company products can be found in many homes.

Mr. Bakke invented the first Sub-Zero freezer, which was the world's first free standing freezer, in 1943. After his death, his daughter took over the business. As of the year 2000, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company purchased a line of Wolf Range Corporation's domestic and professional types of ranges; making the Sub-Zero Freezer Company larger and more innovative. It also allowed the company to be able to offer more products to their buyers.

The Sub-Zero Freezer Company is know for it's original, modern, revolutionary products. The company has plenty products that cover all of the bases, including:

-Wine Storage
-Under Counter Units
-Kitchen Stoves
-Wall Ovens
-Warming Drawers
-Ventilation Equipment

Why Choose

The brands associated with the products offered by Sub-Zero Company include:

-GE Monogram
-Kitchen Aid

Known for it's impeccable dedication to offering the best products on the market, the Sub-Zero Company freezers put an emphasis on keeping the fresh food in the freezer even more fresh and longer food preservation.

Every appliance, not just those offered by Sub-Zero, will need serviced from time to time. Maintenance will be required at some point; that is very normal for any appliance. Sub-Zero does everything possible to make sure their products will need the least amount of maintenance possible, however.

During the life of these appliances, it is common to need maintenance and even repairs such as: dust removal from the Condenser, frost build-up, evaporator issues, ice maker problems, etc. One of the best features of Sub-Zero products is that there is a CPU board that will actually let the owners know what is going on with their product, making it even easier for a diagnosis in order to perform Sub-Zero appliance repair, in the event that it should be required.

In the event of a problem with any Sub-Zero made product, there are plenty of professional repair techs that are easy to contact. Also available to assist with sub-zero appliance repair are customer care specialists and consultants. Professional service techs that are able to service and repair these products can easily be found in online directories, as well as the yellow pages in local phone books. In addition, customer service at Sub-Zero can also direct customers to local techs.