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Scotsman Appliance Repair El Sobrante

Protect Your Appliance Investment
If you are the proud owner of a Scotsman appliance, you know that it delivers the very best. Even though Scotsman ice makers are extremely dependable they aren't immune to needing service. Just like for any other appliance, you should schedule regular maintenance and get Scotsman appliance repair from a licensed and certified repair technician.

There are a few issues with the Scotsman ice makers that you can trouble shoot using the provided manual that comes with the appliance. However when in doubt, you should always call a dependable repair professional who is familiar with the brand.

Machine is Running Loud
Often times when a machine is running loudly, it is an issue with the evaporator or condenser fan blade. Try turning the blade by hand and see if anything is obstructing operation. When the fan motor fails it typically makes a lot of noise. It could also be your compressor. Though they can run for years making noise, it's something you'll want to catch early and prevent replacement if you can.

Not Freezing Properly?
An ice maker that's not freezing properly presents a problem. After all, that's the whole point of the machine! There are a few things you can troubleshoot before calling a repairman

-Check water supply to the machine
-Check for scale build up
-Inspect the evaporator plate for discoloring
-Check the condenser and fan
-Check gauges for pressure

If you're not comfortable with any of these procedures, schedule routine maintenance. Sometimes a dirty machine will fail to operate properly. An expert can descale and clean parts to ensure proper operation.

Why Choose

Not Running at All?
Check the fuses first! Many overlook the fact a fuse could be blown, and that's the easiest fix possible. If the fuses are fine, check the outlet or disconnect for power. If it turns out power is being supplied, then your best bet is to call a professional to see if maybe a part is failing, or wiring is bad.

These are just a handful of common problems that you can certainly tackle with the manual, but it's always recommended to schedule yearly maintenance, and let the experts handle repairs. You'll get the most out of your investment by doing so!